Independent Employment Disputes Resolution Service (IEDRS)

Our IEDRS is a confidential resolution service that specialises in discrimination work based conflict. We provide the following services:

  • Independent Facilitator

    We can provided specialist mediation consultants who have extensive business and organizational experience of facilitating ‘away days’, team bonding, ‘blue sky’ thinking, focus groups and professional development meetings
  • Independent Chairing

    We have experienced consultants who have extensive experience of chairing large national meetings, disciplinary and regulatory hearings as well as public meetings
  • Independent Reviewer

    We are able to provide a team of experienced independent reviewers, who are very experienced in terms of reviewing regulatory, disciplinary, judicial and business operations findings/judgments and ‘mystery shopper’ investigations
  • Independent Observer

    We are able to provide independent observers in regards to internal organisational employment, disputes, hearings and stakeholder engagement meetings

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